We believe that data saves lives.

We know that people can, and do, recover from substance use and co-occuring disorders. Treatment providers and NPO’s both have unparalleled passion for helping one of our society’s most vulnerable and underserved populations – and the work never ceases.

Throughout years of working both for and alongside a multitude of prevention, treatment and recovery organizations, we identified a common challenge that sometimes goes unaddressed: the infrastructure that teams use to communicate, store data, measure outcomes and help people.

Recovery Data Solutions believes that any organization, equipped with the right platforms and infrastructure, can improve the quality of service they provide and increase the amount of individuals they serve. The right data helps us make the right decisions in real time, and when we improve outcomes, we receive more support for the work we’re doing.

We value lived experience

We believe that those closest to a problem are closest to a solution. Our team is solely comprised of persons in recovery and our outspoken allies.